Critique 01

After struggling with the first assignment: Intro Visual Project, I learned that YouTube and Google do not always have the answer for everything, as I always believed. I went straight to both websites as soon as I decided to get started on the project. The whole time prior this I was thinking: this shouldn’t be too hard, design is always fun. I searched YouTube first, with confidence thinking I would quickly find thousands of videos on how to recreate the Firefox logo on Adobe Illustrator, but boy was I wrong. Their was probably fifteen videos all together and non of them were on Illustrator, their actually seemed to be very few Firefox tutorials in general overall. Non helped with my assignment. Google didn’t have an answer for me either, or maybe I wasn’t searching right, either way I quickly became agitated. I tried texting and calling some group mates from class for advice, but the ones I tried contacting seemed to be on my same boat. For a moment I thought to myself: Is this really happening rite now? Do YouTube and Google really not have an answer for me? I didn’t think about finding a book or magazine so my choices were up, I decided to use the tools I knew how to use and began with the easiest part of the logo – the Firefox globe background. I finished it pretty quick and knew I was definitely doing it wrong, took me about 50 minutes, and that’s because I was trying to figure out how to use some of the tools I used.
The next day when I arrived to class I was nervous to show my work to my group, I knew it wasn’t good work because of the time I had put into it. Two of my group members seemed to know what they were doing, and the three rest of us had seemed to have turned in something as a draft at least. After discussing amongst each other and asking questions, the three of us seemed to all be much more confortable about the assignment. We took turns on each other’s laptops and practiced using the pen tool. It was much easier than I though, I had tried using the pen tool the day before but I just didn’t seem to get the hang of it, even after I looked for help on it online. The following class meet one of our group’s member, Kate, came with the exciting news that she figured out how to use the gradient tool. That was like the cherry on top, I couldn’t wait to work on the logo and see the final result. It is then that I realized that your colleagues are usually your best resource when it comes to web designing. ☺


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