Class Reflection

I have interestingly learned a lot in this class throughout this semester. Coming into this class I presumed that I would sit in a classroom that looked like the one we had, with big iMac monitors. I also assumed that our instructor would assign us projects and guide us throughout the assignment by teaching us cool tricks and giving us tips, but this turned out to not be true. What actually happened was that the professor assigned us a project and we the students figured out on our own how we went about getting the project done. YouTube and our classmates were our main resource and the professor was there to help us when we couldn’t figure something out on our own. It is interesting how much I really learned with this learning style, and how close I became to my group-mates. This learning style forced me to interact with my classmates, give and receive suggestions and ideas, and better surf the internet to get the answers seeking. Through this class I have realized what University level education is really all about.


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