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May 8, 2012

Class Reflection

I have interestingly learned a lot in this class throughout this semester. Coming into this class I presumed that I would sit in a classroom that looked like the one we had, with big iMac monitors. I also assumed that our instructor would assign us projects and guide us throughout the assignment by teaching us cool tricks and giving us tips, but this turned out to not be true. What actually happened was that the professor assigned us a project and we the students figured out on our own how we went about getting the project done. YouTube and our classmates were our main resource and the professor was there to help us when we couldn’t figure something out on our own. It is interesting how much I really learned with this learning style, and how close I became to my group-mates. This learning style forced me to interact with my classmates, give and receive suggestions and ideas, and better surf the internet to get the answers seeking. Through this class I have realized what University level education is really all about.

May 2, 2012

Interactive Map Final

Link to project here.

Final Details:

Theme: For my final’s theme I decided to keep the postcard idea, except ended up making it much less detailed than initially planned. I though I had much more time to work on this project than I really did. It took me a while to figure out that this project was more about the interactions I could produce with catalyst than it was about design itself.

My goal was to recreate a day at the circus so I decided to keep using my poster project and make the object from the poster clickable, like the tent and the cage. Once you click on the tent or cage it takes you to what would be inside of the circus tent during its working hours, and describes what would normally be carried inside the cage. I would make sure the user knew things were clickable by giving them a glow effect once they rolled over the item with the mouse. Circus music and animal noises were a must-include of course.

User Testing Process:

I got good, well needed feedback during my user testing process. Morgan suggested for me to make the circus tent light up when the mouse went over it, so that the user knew it was clickable. At this point I didn’t have much interaction going on it was mostly all design work, which she said was working well so far, the colors, arrangement, and all.

Cris suggested me to include a back button in all my pages, something I hadn’t really thought about yet. So that was great! He also suggested the same thing Morgan did, to make items that were going to be clickable noticeable to the user by implementing a highlight on the mouse over of the item, or something of its kind.

The problem with my poster at this point was that I had background music but it would start over once I clicked on a item, which I didn’t like, I wanted it to play non stop.


I used a lot of Illustrator and Photoshop for this project. I kept changing my mind about which images I wanted to use and which ones i didn’t want to use, so I cut up a lot of new images, and redesigned my layout over and over again because of this. I spend a lot of time using photoshop to erase the background on images, cutting, and resizing images that were far too large. I also had to create images in photoshop of all the wording I used in this project because catalyst wasn’t listing the font I wanted to use, which I though was weird. Playing around with the layers in catalyst was a bit different than the other adobe programs i’ve used so far. The feature I used the most in catalyst was definetly the button feature.