Interactive Map Draft 2

Strategies: So far what has taken me the most (couple days of trying and giving up) is reducing the original illustrator poster size. My original file was too big (20MB) for Adobe Catalyst to open, the error message shown below would keep popping up.

After many attempts what worked for me was, while the poster project was open in illustrator, I selected the entire poster with the Selection Tool, then selected the Free Transform Tool and clicked and dragged one of the posters corner points while holding down the Shift button and shrunk down the image until it look tiny. I then saved it and tried opening in in Adobe Catalyst. It worked!

Once in here I had to readjust and rearrange every single image clipping to make it look like my original poster again and created a duplicate state (State 2) of it. I then created a transparent Rectangle/Elipse over the tent  in State 1, selected it, went over to the Interactions tab and Converted Artwork to a Button Component, and finally Added and On Click Interaction that played transition to Application State 2, when in State 1. I then went to state to and created an ellipse, made that a button, which on click switches back to state 1.

This was ALL done with the help of my friend Gary!

Link to Visual Project


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