Critique 02

It is interesting to me how the first part of the semester, prior the first critique, I found my peers much more helpful than the internet or YouTube to be specific and was able to figure some stuff on my own. Fifty percent of my learning resources prior critique #1 was my peers, forty percent was done on my own and ten percent was via Internet. After the first critique I found almost the opposite to be true, my peers were less useful and the Internet, especially YouTube, more useful, and figured about the same amount of things on my own.

For the audio project I googled some stuff up like: How to import an audio recording into Garage Band, and Volume adjustment on Garage Band. By doing so I figured out that Garage Band was an easy to figure out program, so I went on and started playing with it after uploading my audio file recording. I found many sound clips I liked in Garage Band so I decided to stick to that program for the entire project.

My peers weren’t so much help because most of them were using different programs (PC programs) that my computer didn’t have. Gary tried helping me out with volume adjustment on garage band at one point, but we couldn’t figure it out, so I went straight to YouTube, which had several helpful videos on the topic. I did most of the audio project process on my own and spent most of my time doing actual work instead of researching how to work with a software.

The poster project I did mostly on my own from skills I had gained from the first visual project. Paul helped me out by teaching how to make all my image clippings grayscale, so that the poster could be one even color. He suggested for me to do it in Photoshop in vey simple steps and then open them in illustrator. I didn’t use YouTube much for this project, mostly because I was set on creating a poster out of a bunch of different clipping from different images. Towards the end of the project I decided I wanted to cut/split a picture (the mountain backgrounds), and after several searches, questions to my classmates, and attempts failed to figure it out. I was fine without it but could have had fun with the image if I was able to split the image. It is interesting on how I used my 3 major resources, the Internet, my peers, and me evenly thorough the course so far.


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