Poster Project Draft 1

Theme Concept:

I am thinking of creating a collage-like poster, on the circus life of the early 1900’s. I will create five focal points along the center of the page, the main focal point in the middle of the page and two descending focal points to the left and right of the main center focal point. Around the five images (focal points) I will try to create a collage of different images from the early circus era.
I then plan to make it a grayscale/news paper look like image, so that all the images are the same color.

Following are 2 different sketched I came up with:

Process Description:

I plan to do a lot of cropping on the original images I got off of the American Memory Project website. So my  next step is to learn how to crop up images (which I have never done on any Adobe program), and start cropping. I will then begin playing around with colors and resolution, and start placing and moving pictures around, to see what works and what doesn’t.

This is what I can think of so far that works for me on illustrator:


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