Audio Project: Draft 2

For my second draft I got my buddy Gary to record my paragraph at the wisperbooth, and I recorded his in exchange. It took about 4 recordings to finally get one that i liked. I liked the way it sounded, even though i had anticipated to have Kate record since the person speaking in the paragraph is a female. I then took a day to think about what kind of sound i wanted to add to the background.
After several hours of searching I finally found a song to go along with my audio reading. I took some time to learn how to use the garage band software installed on my laptop. While doing so I learned that the program came with many audio clips itself, good ones too! All that time searching through the web seemed like a waste, because there I found nothing that I liked.
So far what I have is a actually mellow toned music with a short cricket sound clip at the beginning and a dropping sound somewhere in the middle. I had only anticipated to use the dropping sound, the cricket and the music just worked out.
I am excited too see have the end result being that it is my first time ever working with audio. 🙂


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