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March 29, 2012

Theme: I am now thinking of creating a circus plot/collage poster. I will include a circus tent and many circus characters. I hope to recreate a circus day in the early 1900’s,  the way it would look if you were looking at it from up above. If that doesn’t seem to work, I will make a collague with lots of trimmed up circus themed images. Whatever the theme of my project ends up being, the over all poster will most likely be black and white since some images are already black and white and others are colored, to have an even toned poster.

Descriptions:I started off with the banner found at the top of the poster. I created the simple design with the arch tool in photoshop then used  the pen tool to trace its paths and gave it a background color.  I then choose the circus looking font — Roosewood Std,  which was already installed in my computer, and warped it to flow with the banners bottom arch. I saved that as a png file and opened it in illustrator. Once it was in illustrator I used the rectangle tool with a gradient as a color and and applied it vertically as the background. I then focused on cropping up my most complicated images in photoshop with the pen tool and saved them as individual png files per traced character, and inserted the images into my illustrator file as I did each one. I ended up having trouble with some of the traced png files towards the end, because once I saved them though phototshop and transferred them to my illustrator poster file, the trimmed images started coming along with a white squared background. After having this same trouble with about 3 pictures I decided to call it a day.

Below are a few of the pictures I have already trimmed up and saved as png files and what I have as part of my poster so far.

March 16, 2012

Poster Project Draft 1

Theme Concept:

I am thinking of creating a collage-like poster, on the circus life of the early 1900’s. I will create five focal points along the center of the page, the main focal point in the middle of the page and two descending focal points to the left and right of the main center focal point. Around the five images (focal points) I will try to create a collage of different images from the early circus era.
I then plan to make it a grayscale/news paper look like image, so that all the images are the same color.

Following are 2 different sketched I came up with:

Process Description:

I plan to do a lot of cropping on the original images I got off of the American Memory Project website. So my  next step is to learn how to crop up images (which I have never done on any Adobe program), and start cropping. I will then begin playing around with colors and resolution, and start placing and moving pictures around, to see what works and what doesn’t.

This is what I can think of so far that works for me on illustrator:

March 8, 2012

Final Audio Project

The final steps of my project consisted mostly of me searching through the sound clips Garage Band carries in its library. That took me several days. After deciding exactly on the effects I wanted, I decided I wanted some of the sound effects to fade in and out, so I youtubed some how-to-videos, and I surely found an answer. Overall I am pleased with this project, not bad for my first time messing with audio I think. It was a fun project!

March 2, 2012

Audio Project: Draft 2

For my second draft I got my buddy Gary to record my paragraph at the wisperbooth, and I recorded his in exchange. It took about 4 recordings to finally get one that i liked. I liked the way it sounded, even though i had anticipated to have Kate record since the person speaking in the paragraph is a female. I then took a day to think about what kind of sound i wanted to add to the background.
After several hours of searching I finally found a song to go along with my audio reading. I took some time to learn how to use the garage band software installed on my laptop. While doing so I learned that the program came with many audio clips itself, good ones too! All that time searching through the web seemed like a waste, because there I found nothing that I liked.
So far what I have is a actually mellow toned music with a short cricket sound clip at the beginning and a dropping sound somewhere in the middle. I had only anticipated to use the dropping sound, the cricket and the music just worked out.
I am excited too see have the end result being that it is my first time ever working with audio. 🙂