Audio Project: Draft 1

Draft 1:

I found the following paragraph to be a good choice for my audio project. It is a women from the early nineteen hundreds explaining her life as a circus person. I like that she has a different way of writing and seems to have sort of a western accent. I am planning to ask one of my classmates to read out the passage in the wisperbooth, then plan on finding audio files to play in the background that include, people talking, a person falling, a horn, maybe some western country music, and a recording of a ring leader announcing a circus event.

Following is the passage I am going to use:



FORM C Text of Interview (Unedited)

STATE New York


ADDRESS 47 W. 69th St.

DATE January 17, 1939


“How I started was I met my husband in Buffalo at a Concert Hall. He was doing a wire act and we wuz married six months after. In these six months time we went out to do our first act. It was in Canada, I guess it felt kinda strange doin’ a double trapese act the first time, see, I was never in front of an audience before, but I guess havin’ my husband there fixed me up, ’cause I can’t say I was nervous, I wusn’t scared, anyway. We got to workin’ with fairs until in 1912 we joined Ringling Bros. Circus. We wuz with the Circus 12 years until 1926. That’s when we had our accident. In the meantime me worked vaudeville. I had nine falls and still lived. Then my husband and me fell 40 feet twice with Ringling. You know, before we went up we would examine our stuff very carefully. We won’t let nobody do it for us. But the trouble in when you buy new parts or hooks, or somethin’; it looks perfect but somethin’ is defected so you can’t tell when you look the act over before you go up. In the meantime, while I wuz at the Circus, I worked with Madam Leitzer, who was one of the greatest women performers that ever lived.”


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