Intro Visual Project: 2

After hanging out in class and discussing amongst my class mates, I learned that my frustration and assumption about the projects difficulty was really a breeze. Brian, my group buddy, taught me how easy it was to use the Pen tool, and told me to constantly be adding new layers, something I knew nothing about. I still don’t fully understand the purpose for using layers, but very briefly see why I have to use it.


– First, I opened the original Firefox logo on illustrator and created a layer over it. My first layer consisted of tracings of the left ear and its surroundings, all done with the Pen Tool. My second layer consist of the right ear and its surroundings.

-Next, I created a new layer for the hair seen on the fox’s back, and traced as many hairs as possibly with the Pen Tool. After each full tracing I used the eyedropper tool to get the closest matching color of whatever object I was tracing and filled in the Pen Tools tracing with color.

– I kept using this same strategy for the rest of the fox; the mouth, the lower back, the tail, etc.

I am not done yet, but this is turning out to be much easier and funner than I thought the last time I worked on this project.

This is what I got so far…




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