Intro Visual Project

After hours of searching for an Illustrator tutorials on the Firefox logo, I found nearly nothing. That surprises me for the reason that nowadays their seems to be a tutorial for EVERYTHING online.

I eventually ran into this video:, but it unfortunately didn’t help much being that I am new to Illustrator and all its tools.

I ended up just free handing it.

  1. I first used the Ellipse tool to create a large dark blue circle. I tried messing around with the gradient tool to see if I could give it different shades of the blue color, but failed at doing so.
  2. Next I used the Pencil to sketch out what is suppose to be a continent. I then selected all the layers of the entire image, and used the Live Paint Bucket tool to fill in the continent with a lighter color blue.
  3. Finally I tried using the Pen tool to sketch out the fox, this was much more harder than I thought. Made me feel like I have to take a whole class on the Pen tool itself.

I feel very disappointed with my unsuccessful ending result, some practice in class would of been nice.


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